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GPO-Euram is devoted to petroleum and its upstream derivate products commercialisation, business development partnership, management, and financial , legal, technical and operational know how in the exploration, development, valuation, and operation of energy and mining bankable projects worldwide. In business since 1973, the staff includes world class specialists in oil and mineral marketing and geosciences (geology, geochemistry, geophysics), engineering, legal, financial and economic analysts and business developers.


This profile describes the actual integrated capabilities of Euram–GPO group in the fields of oil and mineral commercialisation, partnership, market intelligence, financial engineering, project valuation, engineering, operation and administration of Petroleum and mining projects, together with institutional, legal and economical partnership support.

Euroam-GPO group experience in this field in totally integrated and goes from grass root exploration, geostatistical valuation, in-house systems of resources information and software to the design and operation and project financing alternatives.

GPO-EURAMs personnel has a broad successful project experience in several countries of 5 continents with very diverse technical and business environments.

Our team is particularly specialised in key bankable economical and financial sensitivity studies of projects successfully submitted via "vend-in" and IPOs to Stock Exchange Bourses (mainly NASDAQ).

The exclusive services provided to the group by its own, subsidiaries, and associated companies ensures an appropriate positioning of both highly experienced personnel and equipment resources for the projects we undertake. So, investment resources can be optimised for adequate returns.


GPO-EURAM holds a highly qualified commerce and industry-oriented staff with broad expertise in Geology, Mining , Planning and Design as a part of any new project. We are a highly experienced geological and petroleum and mining engineering firm specializing in project valuations of energy and mineral resources , and we do particularly participate in ventures where there is no conflicts of interest.

GPO-EURAM evaluates project finance and royalty acquisition opportunities. Through our extensive corporate, institutional and private investor network we select suitable partners for participation through our extensive . experience in several international projects.

As an international petroleum and raw minerals marketing and developing firm, we provide a resource of professional expertise in commercialisation operations, evaluation and data handling, performing all services in a confidential, timely, accurate, and cost effective manner, in oil, gas and/or mineral resources, business development, including market analysis, exploration, exploitation, and management


GPO-Euram efforts are devoted to commercial intelligence and financing engineering in a human and environmentally amenable way, providing products to the upstream and downstream energy industry. It has a broad spectrum of worldwide positive creative experience. From project conception and data gathering through expert interpretation, GPO-EURAM take into consideration both commercial organizations, environmental and regulatory bodies to manage complex projects more effectively for its partners compatible with the ultimate benefit of human kind and nature.

We manage with appropriate associates for specific designs, the adequate design and engineering facilities integrated in our business development services in the areas of petroleum marketing and evaluation of upstream oil, gas and mining investments through our experienced geoscience staff with expertise in geology, geophysics, and geochemistry, as independent developers, providing us an array of engineering and geologic services including oil evaluation, marketing, field studies, prospect evaluation, and acquisition/divestiture.

GPO-Euram group and its associates have a world-class reputation in commerce and finance engineering facilities for the oil, gas and mining industries including the many facets of infrastructure required for effective commercial project development. Its approach embodies strong operation management, technological excellence, quality assurance and compliance to international law and practices.

GPO-EURAM has also developed a in-house library of Geostatistical software, allowing marketers, geologists and engineers to establish rapidly the optimal parameters for a new business.


GPO-EURAM maintains a staff of commerce and financial analysts, oil and mining economists and expert business administrators who performs automated financial modelling for any project we undertake, and specifically in Petroleum and Mining with latest industry and SEC accepted probability-sensitivity analysis methods, taking into account the various scenarios of investment, operating costs, depreciation, taxing, and debt/capital ratios allowing to accurately evaluate in detail each business and define the most adequate strategies for its development.

Primarily a geological consulting practice focused on reducing the risk in finding economic producible reserves . Key services include: Commercialisation of crude and petrochemical produces, business development and acquisition, processing and interpretation with minimizing cost while maximizing quality, fully integrated with pertaining data. * Evaluation or audit of companies interpretations for acquisitions.


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