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GPO-EURAM is a consortium of firms of Oil, Gas and Mining marketing and Business Development companies regisitered in Spain, USA and Venezuela, with associate representatives in Germany, U.K., Canada; Latin America, India, China and Western Australia.

GPO_Euram Group has offices throughout Europe and the Americas and is active in several countries. It is also a provider of marketing and related services including:

Engineering, Supervision, Projects, Management, Logistics. Petroleum / Production: Engineering, Supervision, Geology, Exploration, Development, Geophysicists. Field Development: Asset Evaluation, Project Economics, Multi-Disciplinary Project Teams


Alberto Sarmentero. P.Eng.(UVC 1978) and P.Geol (Univ. of Granada. Spain 1972).MSc.+PGr. Mining, financial oil & Engineering., has 30 y. experience in project development, geological exploration, engineering, exploitation and commercialisation. Director and founder of several NASDAQ trading companies in Vancouver and Toronto (Canada).Former discoverer, developer and General Manager of several World-Class mineral projects worldwide, including Worlds biggest Aluminium ore-body (Bauxilum), author of several professional books, including Gold in Venezuela. Alberto is company Chairman and CEO .

Eduardo Abia. P.Eng.(Madrid and Menphis.Tenn ) Has a broad experience as professor in International commerce and derivates marketing. Former New technologies developer and auditor for sensitive projects in Spain and director of Euroconsulting.Ltd. Hold several distinctions in the Spanish crown for his over 25 years professional experience in his field.

Eduardo Abia is company Executive and Director.

Michael Wehrmann. P.Geol. (UCV -1970). MSc.Netherlands and PGr. Drs. Sc. Ludwig Maximilian University (Germany).Has over 32 y. experience in oil and mineral industry. Former President of Holland based Geobeton,(Interbeton) has been oil, gas and mineral senior consultant geologist in several projects in Venezuela. Authorized consultant technical reporter to the Toronto Stock Exchange, Michael Whermann is partner and President of company branch GPO-Consulting and Executive Director of the Group since its inception.

Alfonso Monge. Ph. D. (Leicester, U.K.) mineral economy, and finacial, M. Sc in exploration (geostatistics), BSc. Geology (Granada. Spain 1972) and MBA., Professor of Project administration at EGC has 30 also years professional experience as senior consultant of numerous word-wide mineral and energy projects and financial analyst.

Mr.Monge is Executive Managing Director for overseas projects and partner .

Timothy Duhan. Economist (London School of Economics. London).Former Executive Director of the British Chamber of Comerce . Vzla. Granted with Orden Miranda medal by the President of Venezuela, Mr.Duhan is very familiarized with the oil and gas industry as founder, creator and partner of OIL and Gas industry DATA BASE Aquiles Project . Timothy Duhan is Principal and Financial Director of the group in U.K..

Gregor De Ratmiroff.PhD.Geology Prof Dr. (Rutgers Univ USA). Formerly Professor in Rutger University USA, and Founder President of Bauxiven .International Consultant in worldwide mining projects along 30 years.

Alejandro Carnevali. MBA Univ.of New York, N.Y., business administrator specializing in Finance. Has over 8 years of finance experience in New York city in key financial worldwide institutions based in New York , and one additional year in Spain, leading full time the company financial assignments.

Alejandro is head of the financial department in Madrid , main Director and Partner of the company

Ignacio Velis. Senior lawyer (UCAB) and PGr.(U.S.A) with over 12 y. experience in petroleum and mining law in Venezuela, USA, and Canada. Mr.Ignacio Veliz, who has formerly performed vend-in documentation for stock operations overseas, is principal , Director, head of Legal Department in Venezuela and partner of the company.

Cecilio Mingo. PhD.Industrial Engineer in Energy (Madrid). Former Branch Project Director of the Orinoco Oil Belt ( Venezuela) and SIDOR. Director of Energy projects of BID Bank (Washington), International Consultant in worldwide Energy projects along 30 years.

Mr.Cecilio Mingo is Euramand GPO Board member, company principal and Executive Director of Energy Projects of the group.

All the staff of EUROAM-GPO speak fluently several languages and has worked in several countries and business environments.

External specialized legal counseling for the group and its clients/ partners is provided by the international Law Office CLYDE & Co., Barristers and Solicitors, business lawyers based in London with offices worldwide, and with a wide experience in all petroleum, mining and energy related legal matters.


  • Commercialisation operations: E.Abia, AL Sarmentero,
  • Financial and Managerial cometee: AL. Sarmentero, E. Abia, T.Duhan, A. Monge, AN Sarmentero
  • Financial Modeling: W. Montero, C.Diaz., X.Delgado
  • Oil and Gas law and contracting: Velis,I., AN Sarmentero, J.Roman Maramoros.
  • Geology cometee : M.Wehrmann, AL. Sarmentero, A.Monge, M.Gomez
  • Geochemical exploration: L.Besozzi., J. Laoyer.
  • Geophysics: S.Perez, A.Lazzari, E.Galovich. M. Laredo.
  • Drilling: J.Garcia, Boyles ,J..Nouel.; Ross J.
  • Project Management Cometee: A. Monge. E.Abia, A. Sarmentero, M. Wehrmann
  • Oil & Gas : A. Sarmentero.,H.Zeuss.M. Wehrmann
  • Energy: C.Mingo, I.Velis.AN Sarmentero
  • Finacial planning: A.Monge, W.Montero, W. Miller, E.Alvizuri, G.Paris, C. Díaz.
  • Engineering : A. Datta J.Hussey, A.Ferrer, P.Rivas, L.Alonso.
  • Handling : A. Datta, Momo Kristich and Armin Freund (A&AT)
  • Equipment : A. Datta, Eike Friese. E. Zimmermann.
  • Plant design : A. Datta, A.Poyp, P. Hasse., A. Datta
  • Geodetic Surveying: A. Lazzari. E. Del Monte
  • Civil & Mechanical Engineering : E.Siber, A.Datta.
  • Environmental: J.Alcantara, G.Kool, A.Linares, Carlos Roberto Méndez..
  • Information Systems and Software: A. Monge, R.Te Winkel, E.Aquilera, C.Diaz, R.Relayze.
  • Accounting and auditing: : Walter Montero,C. Mendez, Xiomar Delgado M.Dario, A.Guillen,. ,
  • Public and client relations: Klett, A., Betancourt, A.
  • Plant and resource Security : G.Mora.,Mondelo,R.

Our commercial & geo-business development group GPO-Euroam, primarily based in Madrid has an integrated a task-force with excellent results by identifying ad hoc partners that would operate under the joint investor control. The group is aware of the key information on the corporate decision criteria used by the technical staff in order to select the proper business strategies in commerce and marketing.


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