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Corporate Profile


Euroam-GPO is an integrated group of companies devoted to Petroleum, Natural Gas and Mineral industry resources and related business worldwide, through its capabilities in the commercialisation, technical (exploration and exploitation), financial, legal and institutional consulting and business development skills built around its Principals: Alberto Sarmentero (P.Eng.), Alejandro Carnevali (Sr.MBA), Eduardo Abia (P.Eng), Michael Wehrmann (P.Geol.), Alfonso Monge (Ph.D),Tim Duhan (P.Ec), I. Velis (L), Gregor De Ratmiroff (PhD), C.Mingo (P. Eng), Lucia Besozzi (MSc), Arun Datta(P.Eng) and other main associate senior consultants who have been active in the petroleum and mining industry and its commercialisation for more than 30 years in over 40 countries worldwide.

Our main company is a trading enterprise that was established in 1989. We mainly deal in the fields of crude oil, fuels, LPG, mineral ores, and metal materials, although we are also engaged in various other products as well.

We always carry forward the spirit of 'Unity, striving, practicality, high efficiency', insist on exploring natural resources, exploiting new opportunities, and carry out development strategies in several business sectors. By combining exploration and trade, we have able to build an extensive marketing network and source channels, which cover practically the whole world.

Now, we are working to meet the demands of the new century and rapidly changing international markets. Based on the rules of abiding contracts and maintaining credit, our corporation will continue to develop better business relationships with global clients.

We are looking forward to having the opportunity of being able to create a long and prosperous future with you.


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